Supply of black thixotropic, quick-hardening, shrinkage- compensated mortar reinforced with polyethylene fibres in accordance with standard EN 1Z4-1-Z015Appendix F. Supplied in 25kg paper bags, ready to use on site after mixing with 12% water, with such plasticity as not to require a form-work up to10/15 cm thick.

Suitable for fixing road signs, street furniture, cords,manhole covers and renovating wells, small foundations and concrete structures. The product can also be used at low temperatures. Compressive strength, minimum of 8 N/mmZ at 1 hour, 12 N/mmZ at Z hours and 35 N/mm2 at Z4 hours, resistant to frost and thaw, aggressive agents and hydrocarbons.Minimum storage of six months.


Datasheet Here: ING MaltaRapid Plus

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